These terms and conditions subject to adjustments apply directly or indirectly through www.cascadas.eu to all of our services. You can get to know them online, via mobile devices, on the spot, by email or by phone. By accessing, browsing and using our Web, no matter on which platform (hereafter referred to as the "web site"), you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions set forth below (including the confidentiality statement).

These pages and their content, as well as the on-line reservation service for accommodation and other services ("Services"), are owned and managed by Kaskadas Management Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "us" , “we” or "ours")

1. Scope of services offered

Through this web site, we Kaskadas Management Ltd. and in particular Kaskadas Complex (complex) provide an online platform through which we advertise our services and through which visitors to the site can make reservations. By making a reservation through www.cascadas.eu, you enter into a direct contractual relationship (legally binding) with Cascadas Management Ltd. From the moment you select your desired service, we are only acting as a mediator between you and the UniCredit Bulbank Virtual Terminal, by forwarding the data of your chosen reservation to the respective payment location of UniCredit Bulbank - Virtual Terminal.

After successful payment for your chosen service via the bank's electronic terminal, you will receive an email confirming your reservation from us.

Although we make special efforts and care to achieve the high quality of the services we offer, we do not verify and could not guarantee the bank's payment service, whether their entire system is in full repair, nor can we be held responsible for any errors (whether obvious or hidden), interruptions (whether due to temporary and / or partial damage, repair, updating, or technical exploitation of the virtual terminal).

Our services are available for personal and non-commercial use. For this reason, you are not allowed to resell, to create deep-link (linking to site sub-pages rather than just its cover page), copy, to observe (e.g. spyware or scrape programs), to upload, to download or reproduce any information, text, software, products or services offered and available on our website for any purpose whatsoever commercial or competitive actions or goals.

2. Prices and Best Rate Guarantee

The prices on our site are very competitive. All prices on the www.cascadas.eu website include VAT and all other taxes and fees (may vary depending on the tax changes and internal regulations of the complex management), unless otherwise stated on our website or in the confirmation email.

In some cases, our website shows lower rates for a particular type of accommodation. However, these prices may be subject to special restrictions and conditions relating to the possibility of cancellation or to the reimbursement of the value of the reservation. Please, before booking, carefully check the description of the room and the appropriate price for such restrictions and conditions.

Obvious errors on our website (including printed) are not binding.

All special offers are specially marked.

3. Confidentiality

www.cascadas.eu respects your personal space. Please read our privacy statement for more information.

We take protection measures to prevent the loss and misuse or alteration of your data under our control. However, we cannot guarantee the protection of information from unauthorized use or alteration of your data from third party illegal actions. You are required to know that we do not have control over and protect other Web sites you visit, use for purchases of products and services

4. Billing

Unlike other complexes, we will not add any additional (reservation) fees to the room rate. We will not charge your personal credit card because you pay directly via the virtual terminal of UniCredit Bulbank.

5. Credit card / bank transfer with credit card /

We do not require data from your credit card to guarantee your reservation. We forward your request via the UniCredit Bulbank Virtual Terminal after confirming the desired service on the website and you send your credit card information directly to UniCredit Bulbank. Probably they will require a prepayment. In order for your reservation to be completed and confirmed, it is necessary to prepay the full value of the services you have confirmed on our website / unless otherwise advertised and negotiated on our web site /

To protect and encrypt the card information, when you send it to UniCredit Bulbank, the bank uses the technology (PSIDSS).

Accepted cards are Maestro, MasterCard and Visa. The virtual POS terminal uses 3D Secure and Verified by Visa protection protocols.

Please be aware of the cancellation rules and terms and the refundability options before making a reservation and complete the payment. Please be aware that sometimes your transaction / transfer of funds / is non-refundable.

Please check the room description carefully for such conditions and restrictions before making a reservation.

The payment is processed in a secure way by a third party (UniCredit Bulbank) and is transferred directly from your bank account to the bank account of Cascadas Management Ltd. The company does not make, does not accept and does not process payments through UniCredit Bulbank's virtual endpoint.

In case of fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, most banks and credit card companies take the risk and cover all payments resulting from such fraud or abuse, which may sometimes be subject to deduction. Cascadas Management Ltd. does not enter into a payment relationship with the user at the moment of booking a service but transfers the user to the UniCredit Bulbank system. For this reason, Cascadas Management Ltd. bears no responsibility if the company or the bank that issued your credit card charge you for unauthorized transactions resulting from making a reservation made on our site.

6. Cancellation

Please note that in order to book an apartment it is necessary to prepay 30% of the amount of the reservation.

In case of cancellation or non-arrival, the prepaid amount will not be refunded!

Cancellation policy for special offers and terms:

Non-refundable Offer, Early Booking Offer & Last Minute Deal: These offers does not allow refund of the amount you transferred when canceling the reservation;

The rules for final cancellation or in case of non-arrival or modification of the reservation for the complex are also available on our website - on the information page about the respective type of accommodation and they are also shown in the confirmation email. Please note that certain prices or special offers may not be subject to cancellation or change. Please familiarize yourself with the conditions carefully before making a reservation.

If you wish to review, correct or cancel your reservation, please use the confirmation email and follow the instructions. Please note that a cancellation fee may be required, subject to the cancellation policy or in case of non-arrival. We recommend you read these guidelines carefully before making a reservation.

7. Intellectual property rights

The software required to perform our services, or available for use on our website, as well as the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of the content and information or the material on our web site are property of Cascadas Management Ltd., unless otherwise indicated.

Kaskadas Management Ltd owns all rights to the content (including all intellectual property rights) of the interface (including infrastructure) on the website where the services are provided (including guest assessments and translation of the content) and you are not entitled to copy, (hyper- / deep) forward, post, promote, sell, integrate, or take advantage in any way whatsoever of our content or brand without our explicit written permission.

8. Miscellaneous

These Terms and Conditions and the provision of our services are governed and construed in accordance with Bulgarian law and any disputes arising out of these general terms and conditions and our services should apply exclusively to the competent courts on the territory of Bulgaria.

The original Bulgarian version of these Terms and Conditions has been translated into other languages. The translation version is a goodwill statement and represents only office translation that has no legal value. In the event of a dispute over the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions or inconsistencies and discrepancies between the Bulgarian version and the version of these terms and conditions in any other language, the Bulgarian language version shall apply.

If any of these terms and conditions is (or becomes) invalid, unenforceable or optional, you remain bound by all other terms. In such a case, the invalid clause should be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by the law, and you agree to accept such an effect as arising from the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding clause, in view of the content and purpose of these terms and conditions.

9. Information about the contracting entity

Cascadas Management Ltd.

UIC 202944445

6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

23 Milin Kamak str.